Tips On Creating A Successful Aerial Advertising Campaign


You own a business and are constantly looking for new, fresh ways to advertise it. Maybe you want more foot traffic in your store, car dealership, or family fun center. Whatever business you own, aerial advertising with a company like High Exposure Inc Aerial Advertising is a fun and effective way to have your brand seen. Here are a few tips to help your campaign become a success.

Pick Your Demographic

Since your banner will fly over a specific location, you need to narrow down your demographic. This is your opportunity to really tailor your message to specific groups of people. Decide if you're going to target families with young children, hip college students, retirees, young professionals, or a regional area. Knowing this will help you determine the factors below.

Create an Eye-Catching Banner 

Your aerial banner will be the most effective when it's big, bold, and simple. Just like with billboards, flying banners are seen quickly and need to dispense information in the blink of an eye. Work with your aerial advertising company to narrow down the words you want to use. The bigger they are, the easier they'll be seen when flying thousands of feet in the air. 

Remember that you can plan for versatility. When you buy a banner, it can be used multiple times at different locations. This means you should create a general banner for your brand, then add on an interchangeable bottom strip, called a snipe, to tailor your message. For example, you could simply create a banner with a logo for your store and then switch out event dates and locations.

Choose Your Venue 

Now that you have your demographic and banner figured out, you need to choose a place to fly over. While beaches are popular options during hot summer days, they're not the only place you can find customers. Sporting events are a great place to find thousands of new customers, especially if you become an official sponsor of the game. Or you can fly over festivals for food, music, or wine. Maybe your county holds a fair every year; this is your chance to expose your business to hoards of new people. The venue should be chosen to find the most people in the demographic you narrowed down.

Determine Optimal Viewing Times

The last factor in a successful campaign is optimized viewing times. Maybe you own a beach bar and want young, trendy people to frequent your establishment. You obviously want to avoid dreary, rainy days when no one is on the beach. Save your flying days for Spring Break, weekends, or holidays. The banner will be best seen if it doesn't fly around for too long, ironically. So choose your times well for the most exposure.

When you consider the factors above, your aerial advertising campaigns will help you gain more business in new and exciting ways.


30 September 2015

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