Own A Small Business? Why You Should Invest In Video Content Marketing


If you're a small business owner, you likely understand the role that effective advertising plays in making people aware of your business.  However, you may not realize how quickly video content is usurping radio and print modes of marketing when it comes to reaching customers.  Video content marketing is all about advertising your company via a short clip that is strategically placed online.  Use this information to learn more about why your small business should invest in video content marketing today.

Video Content Packs A Punch

One of the most compelling reasons why you should invest in video content marketing is that videos pack so much into such a small sight and sound bite.  According to a 2013 poll, most people prefer video over print pages, case studies and even sitting in real-time watching a demonstration with a representative.  This is very pivotal information that you can't afford to overlook.

Video marketing is so effective because it gets past the introductions and frills to deliver direct information to your potential customers.  Recent research estimates that a video is worth 1.8 million words.  This means that you make the most potent use of your company's time and advertising dollars when you choose to market your wares with video content that is engaging and impactful.

Video Content Is The Wave Of The Future

Choosing to use video content marketing is a great way to stay ahead of the curve and be ready for what the future has to offer.  A Cisco study showed that by 2017, approximately 69 percent of all consumer Internet traffic will be comprised of videos.  If you don't make the switch now, you could find yourself losing customers to competitors, who took the time to study the trends so they would be ready for the changes that are already taking place at a rapid speed.

Your current and potential customers want to be able to learn about your company in a way that is convenient for them.  Since so many people now have access to the Internet with their smartphones, tablets and computers, it just makes sense to reach them where they are.  Choosing to utilize video content now makes you available at the click of a button, and poises your small business for growth in the years to come.

Working with a video production company, you can develop video content that makes your brand come alive.  Start using video content marketing today so you can enjoy the benefits of greater exposure.


5 October 2015

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