Content Marketing For Small Businesses


The vast majority of businesses in the United States have websites. On the websites, you can find the company's address, products and services, hours of operation, and prices. However, the most successful websites for businesses also have other content aside from the essential information about the company and they have the content updated on a regular basis. All of this extra content drives people to visit the site and use it for other purposes, increasing the total number of possible conversions.

Having professional create blog posts, articles, and other content can seem like it's out of the budget of a small business, but here are some tips and tricks to make sure that your website has the content that it needs to succeed.

1. Know What People Want

The first thing that you can do if you are trying to get content created within the budget of your small business is to know what people want. Use Google Analytics or a different analytic tool to look at what people are searching with regards to your company and the products or services that your company provides. For example, if your company is a professional cleaning company, you might want to check to see which types of spills people are searching for and then create content based on that information. You don't have to create nearly as much content as long as you create smart content. 

2. Turn Your Emails into Content

If you are a small business, chances are good that you are going to be interacting directly with customers in order to answer their questions and complaints. Look at your emails critically. Are there any emails in which you answered a common customer question in detail and in a way that could be applied to other customers that have that question? If so, you basically have already written a relevant blog post. Collect all of the emails in which you provided detailed, helpful information and turn each of them into a blog post.

3. Set Specific Calendar Dates to Drop Content

Once you have all of your emails or any other content you might want to publish, set up specific calendar dates. Decide how much content you want to publish regularly. If you want to publish something twice a week, set days that you want that to happen and schedule in the article that you want the person who maintains your website to add. Doing this ensures that all content is posted regularly.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in content marketing.


12 October 2015

How Can You Market Your Business Successfully?

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