Big Mistakes To Avoid With Self-Made Company Documentaries For Non-Profit Agencies


If you are in the marketing sector of a non-profit agency, creating a documentary that shows what your organization is all about is a great way to reach out to potential investors and people willing to donate. However, the documentary that you create for marketing purposes with a non-profit agency is a precarious feat. This is because the video should carefully balance marketing and informative information to make the right impression and be effective. Here are a few of the biggest mistakes non-profit agencies tend to make when they create their own organization documentaries for marketing purposes.

Mistake: Going too in-depth with organization history.

Why? It is crucial that the documentary you use for your non-profit agency gives a bit of history about the organization, where it started and how. But, refrain from telling every last detail of the journey in your marketing documentary. Stick with the highlights to convey the best message without losing the focus of your viewers.

Mistake: Trying to play on a viewer's emotions too much.

Why? Some of the most effective documentaries are those that tug at a viewer's inner emotions enough to encourage them to take action. However, there is such a thing as going overboard with the dramatics and emotional appeal of your documentary. The key is to show that there is a great need for what your agency tries to accomplish within the community without coming off as being overtly needy or emotional. Avoid long spiels about emotion-evoking topics and sad music. Keep things short and simple by telling the story of the agency and including tidbits of emotionally appealing information.

Mistake: Creating a video that is low quality.

Why? Non-profit agencies operate solely on the principle of using funds to fairly distribute and help others. Therefore, there must be a level of trust between your agency and the pubic. A video that is poor quality could easily send the wrong impressions to viewers. Even though the main point is to get your message across, a bad video, whether it has low quality sound or poor imagery, can lead people to believe that your organization is not as professional as it should be, which can negatively affect your reputation.

When it comes down to it, creating a documentary video for your non-profit agency can be a trying feat without enough experience. Be sure you talk to a documentary production company who can work with you to achieve the best possible material for your organization.


23 November 2015

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