Tips For Improving Your Student Recruitment Rates


If you are a college, chances are excellent that a ton of your funding is going to be based on how many students come to your school. The more students you have, the more tuition money will be coming in and the more funding you might get from federal organizations if you are a public school. Here are some marketing tips that you can use to improve your recruitment rates for your college.

1. Increase the Scholarships Offered and Make Them Creative

When you are sending out promotional material for your college, be sure that you include a lot of information about the scholarships that you offer. Make the qualifications for a scholarship very clear and in simple terms in order to make it easy for students to figure out if it's worth their time applying for the scholarships. Consider making a variety of new scholarships that will apply to a wider number of people than the high-flying high school students with perfect GPA's. For example, if you are looking to improve your business school and gain more prestige, make a scholarship for a student who has the best entrepreneurial idea and provide him or her with guidance in order to develop that idea, as well as money to go towards tuition. Give scholarships for those willing to tutor, or for those who have taken care of their siblings for a long time and have shown tremendous amounts of responsibility.

This will help encourage more students to apply to your school because they feel like they will be able to afford it and will not leave school with a mountain of debt. It will also show the people that are applying that you acknowledge different types of brilliance, not just academic brilliance, making your college seem more welcoming.

2. Provide the Numbers on Average Salaries for Graduates

Choose five to ten of the most popular majors at your school and then find out what the average salary is of the graduates who leave that program with a degree. This will allow you to highlight the real-world value of your degrees and show students that they will be able to succeed in life if they go to your school. By providing these numbers, you also increase the transparency that you show people, which will make prospective students feel as though you are a very trustworthy school.

3. Have Students Reach Out to Prospective Students

Finally, have students reach out to prospective students. High schoolers will be more likely to pay attention to information about a college based off a student that is currently attending the school and will value positive input about the school more highly if it comes from someone closer to their own age.

For more information, talk to a marketing agency for colleges that specializes in helping colleges improve their recruitment rates.


10 February 2016

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