Three Tips For Getting Your Video Game Published


As a video game designer, you spend a countless number of hours developing a conception and bringing it to life in the form of an exciting and playable game. The work doesn't stop there. After your game is complete, now comes the task of getting a company to publish your game. Here are a few tips to get you started on this process.

 Get Out There

Marketing is all about getting exposure. Generate buzz about your video game by getting out and attending trade shows, conventions and other organized events. At these events you basically have a room full of publisher representatives that you can connect with and inform about your design ideas.

While you might not sell your game to a publisher right on the exhibit floor, you can at least get come great contact information, which can take you a long way. In addition to making connections, these events can also serve as a critiquing tool. You can take things you see and learn from these events to tweak and further enhance your game.

Perfect Your Pitch

The video game industry is constantly growing and these companies often have more video game ideas being pitched at them than they have time to listen to. You need to perfect your pitch as you will likely only have a limited time to introduce your idea and most importantly, convince the publisher to invest in you.

A good pitch is exciting, but also short and sweet. Don't be too technical or detailed.  You should be able to explain the overall concept of your game in a minute.

Don't Discuss Money

Financial terms aren't a topic you should be discussing initially. The reason for this is that for first-time designers, the pay rate can vary widely between publishers. Some publishers only offer first-time designers a flat rate, whereas some offer a percentage royalty based on game sells.

Discussing financial terms early on is one of the easiest ways to turn a potential publisher off and close the door on a deal before you even get your foot in the door. It's best to sell them on the idea first and then discuss this information later.  

When it comes to getting your indie video game published, patience is very important. You didn't exactly design your game overnight so it would be unfair to pressure yourself to find a publisher this quickly. Take your time.


13 April 2016

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