4 Ways To Entertain Potential Business Clients In New York Besides The Steakhouse


If you are looking to entertain clients, and you don't think that they are going to be impressed with yet another dinner at one of New York's famous steakhouse restaurants, then don't risk boring them. Instead, you should think about an event you can get them tickets to. You can either invite them, or simply present them with tickets that they can use with their family if they are visiting from out of town.

Below are four different ideas for events. In addition to the tickets themselves, you should get a nice, elegant custom invitation. This is a much more pleasant way of presenting the tickets then the plain paper envelop or manila envelop that many people use. You can get a nice custom invite that has the logo of your company on it and also mentions you and your title.

Broadway Shows

Lots of people love to see Broadway shows while they are in the city. However, your client might not have planned ahead, and they might not want to head down to TKTS and stand on line. So, you could arrange for tickets to a hot show and then present them as a gift. This is great for clients who are traveling with their family to the city. It would really impress them if you took their spouse and children (if they are traveling to the city) into consideration.

Box Seats At A Knicks Game

If your company happens to be able to snag tickets to box (or floor) seats, then this would be another great type of event. If you know that your client likes sports, then this is perfect. You could always combine this with the classic steakhouse afterwards or beforehand, but it's a more memorable night than just dinner.

Museum Fundraisers

If your client is not a big sports fan, and prefers artistic pursuits, then a nice invite would be to a museum fundraiser. They could go as a guest, and therefore wouldn't have to snag an invite by being a big donor themselves.


If you do have clients who love the arts, but there is not a museum fundraiser scheduled around the time your clients are in town, then you might want to get tickets to the ballet. This is a really beautiful event. The two popular companies in New York are the ABT (American Ballet Theater) and the NYC Ballet. These are both really elegant events, so you should get a custom invitation that is just as elegant.

For more ideas, talk to a client entertainment specialist.


16 September 2016

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