Small Restaurants Should Use Big Ideas and Grand Artistry with Mobile Truck Ads


Mobile truck advertising positively has the potential to capture the eyes of a huge number of onlookers. Putting the right words, slogan, or catch phrase on a moving billboard gets a message out. Of course, the words on the board have to be read in order for those targeted by the ads to really feel impacted. Simply putting words on a backdrop might not be the most effective strategy for success. Restaurants, to a great degree, need a strong, visual component to grab eyes and direct them toward a great truck sign.

Use More Than Words 

People go to a restaurant to do one thing: eat. A great slogan is going to capture attention. McDonald's has proved this time and time again. The fast-food company's classic "You deserve a break today" campaign was a major hit, as it targeted hardworking adult customers successfully. Words alone won't be effective. McDonald's advertising execs were always wise to include strong visual cues to assist the great catch phrase. Mom-and-pop restaurants should do the same.

Following a few tips could aid in making truck ads a lot more impactful.

Promote Something Specific

Running truck advertising with a massive sign revealing the name and address of the restaurant won't be all that effective. The sign will be better promoting something specific. "All you can eat pancakes on Sunday!" absolutely is going to draw eyes. If the restaurant is promoting a specific deal, getting the attention—and patronage—of new customers could result.

Mix Visual Images with Text

A massive stack of pancakes on the left side of the sign side by side with the name, slogan, and address of the restaurant is sure to work. A huge stack of pancakes is hard to miss. Someone who may be hungry and on their lunch break may be psychologically inclined to take a second look at the sign and remember the restaurant promoting an "all you can eat" day.

Add Artistry to the Image

A generic stack of pancakes may be a bit boring. Pancakes stacked sloppily one on top of the other with syrup dripping down the sides as butter and whipped cream melt on top, however, can stimulate a lot of interest among patrons. The artistry of such a sign may lead many to read and ingest the contact information as well.

Garnering attention is hard with any type of advertising. The right truck advertising that appeals to the senses may end up being a big hit. Talk to a company such as TSN Advertising with more personalized ideas. 


16 November 2016

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