3 Ways To Advertise At Your Favorite Sporting Events


The consumption of sports is big business across the globe. With many people tuning in to watch their favorite players on a regular basis, and even more people showing up to watch sporting events live and in-person, opting to advertise your company through these events can be beneficial. In-stadium advertising requires finesse and creativity.

Here are three simple ways that you can apply these concepts to your own marketing efforts as you advertise at your favorite sporting events in the future.

1. Add your company's logo to the scoreboard.

If you want to maximize the number of times potential customers see your logo as you advertise during a sporting event, then making the choice to add your company's  logo to the scoreboard can be beneficial.

Fans are constantly looking at the scoreboard to check their team's statistics, which means they will constantly be looking at your logo when it is included on the scoreboard as well. Although you likely won't have room to include a message along with your logo, using the scoreboard for advertising purposes can be a simple and effective way to increase brand awareness.

2. Add your company's logo to players' uniforms.

Many professional sporting leagues across the globe allow corporate sponsors to proudly display their logo on the uniforms of their players. This can be a great way to familiarize more potential customers with your company, because the players are the main attraction at any sporting event.

You will want to be sure that your logo doesn't compete with any others that are included on the uniforms, and attempt to have your logo placed in a spot that is highly visible (like on the front shoulder or on the back near a player's name and number) for maximum exposure.

3. Give away promotional items.

When you only have the funds available to conduct one marketing campaign within a sports venue, it can be beneficial to give away promotional items to fans in attendance.

According to statistics, branding can be accomplished most affordably with promotional items since the cost-per-impression for these advertising products is only 0.6 cents (as opposed to 1.8 cents for each media impression). Giving away promotional products that consumers can use on a daily basis will ensure that your company's logo remains visible long after a sporting event has ended.

Finding ways to use sporting events to your company's benefit isn't difficult. When you choose to include your corporate logo on the scoreboard or players' uniforms or give away promotional items during the game, you can easily familiarize consumers with your company and boost future sales.


17 January 2017

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