Bringing Your Online Marketing To The Offline World


After you've invested a lot of time in your online marketing, it's time to introduce that marketing to your real world community. If you're a small business in a set geographic location, you need to be able to integrate your social media presence with the real world. Here are a few tips.

Encourage Tagging and Checking In

When customers are at your shop, they should be encouraged to tag your shop or check into the location. Checking into the location means that others will see that they're there and may even come down themselves. Tagging your shop will give you additional exposure to the people who follow them.

Another exciting thing to do is to ask your customers to take pictures of themselves at your shop. If they share pictures of themselves having a fun time at your business, it'll be more likely that others who follow them will come to check it out. 

Ask for Positive Online Reviews

Positive online reviews absolutely matter for a brick-and-mortar business. Without positive online reviews, it becomes very difficult for people who haven't used your business before to trust you. In addition to checking your reviews and responding to them frequently, you should also be asking your satisfied clients to leave you their own reviews. 

While you can't remove negative reviews (unless they're clearly fake), you can always outweigh them with positive ones. 

Collect Email Information 

Want to get your local customers on your email lists? Offer a discount for signing up for your newsletter—or just let them know that they can sign up for valuable news and information. By having an email sign up sheet available in your shop, you can collect large amounts of contact information. This includes the information of those who might not otherwise come back to your business, or those who live just out of town.

Promote Your Local Events Online

By promoting your local events through social media, you can make your social media accounts more valuable to those who are in your area. While social media is global, most businesses want to tighten their focus to those who are in their area; after all, otherwise, they're investing time and money into courting an audience that is unavailable to them. 

By integrating your online and offline marketing, you can improve upon both. For small businesses, forming long-lasting relationships with your customers is incredibly important. A marketing company can help.


18 March 2019

How Can You Market Your Business Successfully?

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